About Me

I’m Cheryl Gee, a Virgo from Plano, Texas.

I’m the proud mom of an awesomely creative son named Mike.

Here are some random facts about me:

*I have a Bachelor's degree in Library Science and

 a Master of Library Science degree.
*I am an introvert, although I didn’t realize it until recently.

*Peridot is my birthstone. My birthday is August 31.

*Yellow green is my favorite color, although I love all colors.

I’m partial to black and white together.

*I love Pinterest, and I admit I need to make more time for Facebook.

*I adore my iPhone and take all the photos for my website with it.

*I am allergic to wheat and sugar so I have to be very careful about what I eat.

*I have lived in Oklahoma, Hawaii and Texas.

*I am bad at math but I make up for it with my sparkling personality.

*I art journal, knit, stencil, rubber stamp, draw, paint, collage, sew, embroider, cross stich, make jewelry, scrapbook and Zentangle. 

*I am always on the pursuit of creativity. I want to share my creativity, and the creativity I find along the way, here at this website.

*I believe in the power of good design, creativity and true love.

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