Friday, January 1, 2016

Renew & Word of the Year Awesomeness



Word of the Year 2016
"Reflect. Revise. Rethink.  Renew."  


Word of the Year 2015
"A maker space begins.
It's more fabulous than I could have imagined."


Word of the Year 2014
"Words have power/choose yours with care.


Word of the Year 2013
"Enjoy creating.  Enjoy life.  Enjoy yourself."
~Cheryl Gee is a very busy, creative person who'd love to spend more time at The Stylish Studio. She has renewed her commitment to fulfilling that desire. Also--considering what Goethe wrote about renew or harden--she thinks hardening sounds painful, so chooses to renew.
 Cheryl hopes this new year will be the best you've ever seen:


~Places Where I Shared My
Word of the Year:

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