Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall for Autumn Photo Challenge


Hi There, Creative One!

Welcome to my 30 Day Challenge: Signs of Fall Photo Edition.

I'm excited. You?

30 days to more productivity and creativity, you ask?   You bet, say I. 

Want to  come along?

Our first "30 Day Challenge" is all about looking around, looking up, looking down, then taking a  photo a day.  Post it on your blog, flickr, Pinterest or your refrigerator door.

Here's a Ted Talk that will got me thinking about fresh starts and creative firsts.

~Cheryl Gee takes photos all the time with her iPhone.
She thinks a 30 day photo challenge is a piece of cake.   Or would that be 30 pieces of cake? 

She thanks her amazingly creative son for the idea to create her very own challenge.

By the way, Cheryl thinks one piece of cake is plenty, thanks. 

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