Sunday, August 16, 2015

Good Mood Mail: Index Card Art

Layers of paper piled on an index card in a pleasing arrangement shown above:
an art show brochure, paint sample card, paint wipe up paper, calendar paper slivers,
a garment tag and a postage stamp.
The word "tranquility" spoke to me. 
Another junk mail index card I made:
Here you see layers of junk mail papers cut apart and outlined in colored pencil.
~Cheryl Gee gets junk mail; sometimes it's a pain and sometimes it's a beautiful pile of paper. 

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Carnival/Circus!: Mixed Media Art on Index Cards

My "Nickelrama" collage
Last summer I was biking at the park one day
when I found several of these tokens on the ground.
The tokens were in a crumpled, damp heap on the ground by the parking lot.
Where the tokens left over from a kids' group at the park?
 Should I collect the tokens for my scrap paper journal fodder box for a future project?
Yes, I should and I did!
Fast forward one summer. 
Here you see how I used the nickelrama tokens to
represent bunting over the entrance to a carnival
for my favorite summer time art challenge
I cut red paper to the size of a 3"x5" index card for the backing.
I punched holes in bluish purple to match the printing on the tokens. 
These little purple dots help to visually connect the sections of bunting
and add to the festive theme I was going for.
My "Circus" collage
A couple of years ago I created the "Circus" index card to also represent bunting over an entrance.
Here I used a marker to representing swooping lines and various colors of triangular pieces of patterned paper to represent pennants for punting.
I used a quick wash of light blue acrylic paint for the sky.
After several passes with a stars rubber stamp roller over the entire surface
and a darker shade of blue ink
 I knew I had conveyed the festive feeling I was going for.
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist.  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pink and Purple Chevron: Index Card a Day 2015

"My parents told me
I'd point to a bed of flowers and say
"Pink. Pretty.'
before I knew any other words."
Canadian folksinger, songwriter, painter
My collage "Pink and Purple Chevron" on an index card
Chevron, the military and heraldic insignia,
is a stylish pattern that is currently enjoying a revival as a background design.
Chevron is also an index card a day prompt for my favorite summer time art challenge.
To create this chevron index card I combined sections of my own painted pattern paper
with magazine paper chosen to make a striking combination. I cut the purple lines and applied them over the painted pattern paper with a glue stick on a 3"x5" blank index card. 
To make the painted pattern paper I applied white gesso to a piece of white cardstock. 
 When the paper was dry I began drawing Zentangle designs
over the entire surface in a random fashion with an ultra fine tip permanent marker.
 The last steps were to color areas of the drawings with colored pencils and
to cover it all with geometric designs with a white pen.
My painted pattern papers are saved and reused many times and in many ways
even when portions are cut away for projects such as
"Pink and Purple Chevron".
~Cheryl Gee is more of a green person but does love pink.  She also loves the songs of Joni Mitchell.