Thursday, August 14, 2014

Heart Art

I have a collection of my original heart art I'd love to show you. 
Here goes!
"Party Hearty"
Here's my newest creation:
a celebratory sentiment made from
my painted background
{actually paint wipe up paper from my art table}
and magazine cut outs of puppies on a cushion
with purple hearts.
Text and border via Picmonkey; free photo editing! Check it!
I was going for "purple" on this index card art.
"Definition: Cute"
"Heart Stencil"
"Heart Window"
"Valentine Display:
Half Price Books, Dallas Texas"
"I Love Coca-Cola!"
Soft Drink Carton Sculpture
Tom Thumb Grocery Store, Richardson Texas
~Cheryl Gee has one more heart art for you and it's a good one:

This month I'm celebrating
2 years
of blogging! 
Hooray me!

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