Sunday, July 6, 2014

Repeating Pattern: Index Card Art

"Go within every day and
find your strength
so the world
doesn't blow out
your candles."
~Katherine Dunham,
American dancer, author, educator, social activist
  The Independence holiday weekend continues
with my patriotic index card art:
"Red, White and Blue Candles"
paper collage, created on July 4th,
repeating pattern
Let's imagine these candles are strawberry, vanilla and blueberry scents!
"Field of Flags"
index card art
"Field of Flags" was created from my canceled stamp collection, 
to represent
a repeating pattern. 
It was born on the Fourth of July, last summer!
~Cheryl Gee thinks that if history repeats itself, she is so getting a dinosaur!
~This creativity is shared at the Craft Schooling Sunday link up and at Wordless Wednesday Headquarters!

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