Monday, July 7, 2014

Brown: Index Card Art

"When coffee dreams,
it dreams in chocolate."
~It's Chocolate Day, 2014!
Admittedly every day should be Chocolate Day.

I adore

 chocolate in any form,
dark roast coffee,
crunchy (not chewy) brownies with pecans
and the color brown.

Brown is the color of dark wood and rich soil.

Brown is a composite color of red, yellow and black:
"Brown Pottery Vase"
{a magazine paper collage over my painted background
on an index card
inspired by,
you guessed it,
my own brown pottery vase
that contains fake flowers at the moment,
but its contents change with the seasons and my moods}
"How Now, Brown....Chandelier?"
~Cheryl Gee has a theory that chocolate cures everything.  It's probably not true but why take the chance?

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