Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Diagram of Deliciousness: Index Card Art

Diagram of Deliciousness
~Cheryl Gee is a diagramer of chocolate. Perhaps chocolate is nature's way of making up for Mondays? 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Green: Index Card Art

"Pretty Sharp"
 ~Cheryl Gee thinks you have to be pretty sharp to make a pun about cactus!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Candy Land: Index Card Art

Simple as a glass of chocolate
or tortuous as the heart.
~Joanne Harris,author
 Chocolat Pt I,
The Girl With No Shadow {Chocolat Pt 2},
Peaches for Father Francis {Chocolat Pt 3}
"Truffle Topiary"
~magazine images of
Godiva chocolate truffles
styled as topiaries over
my painted paper background~
Elsewhere in my Candy Land
index card art:
"I Come From the Land of Candy"
A girl's face styled with my cut out magazine candy
over my painted paper background.
Because I like topiary:
faux stitch topiary
on an index card
with an ultra-fine permanent marker~
~Cheryl Gee has this framed quote on her desk:  "Love conquers all. Chocolate chips take care of the rest."  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Agenda Tag: Index Card Art

"When you're
you find
lots of interesting things to do."
~Walt Disney
American pioneer of animated film
My collage
~There's my calendar page, thank you notes, party invitation,
garment tag reading 'agenda' and a yellow plastic star-shaped paper clip~
My collage represents my "what to do today" or "agenda".
~Cheryl Gee always has a list of interesting things to do, because she's curious!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Christmas in July: Index Card Art

"Why fit in
when you can
stand out?"
~Dr. Seuss
Theodor Seuss Geisel was an American
writer, poet and cartoonist
best known for his children's books
written and illustrated as
Dr. Seuss
Here's something that stands out:
Christmas in July
Summerlicious index card art
"Christmas in July"
{See how I cleverly combined Christmas symbols with a July theme?
That colossal  ice cream cone is flipped over to represent a Christmas tree! Cool!
Notice the yellow firework burst  at the tip of the cone/tree where a star might be? Nice!
I didn't forget your presents, and Santa's hat is there too!
How did I make a peppermint candy frame?  At Picmonkey of course!}
Amazingly Creative Son and I discovered the joy of
Christmas in July
last weekend when we walked into this ice cream shop
decorated with holiday ribbons and bows.
The teenage girl ice cream scoopers wore their Santa's Helper hats. So cute!
Christmas music played in the background.
It was 100 degrees of Texas heat outside.
Think: flip flops at the North Pole!
Inside the cute little ice creamery/candy store
it was
frosty and cheery and a little weird.
 So unexpected!
Joyful even!
Christmas in July
is celebrated
very famously here,
also here,
and here!
 Check this out too!
~Cheryl Gee was so enchanted with the sun and Santa concept of Christmas in July she watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" John Hughes' 1989 classic movie that very night because you know she's too busy to watch it in December!

~Cheryl Gee was honored to be featured by Christmas TV History!  

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Going Postal: Index Card Art

~1998 American
directed by Nora Ephron,
Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan,
based on
the trademark
AOL users
hear when
they receive
a new email

The definition of "going postal" is:
 'a hostile attack by a postal  worker'.

 My definition of "going postal":
'place postage stamps on art not an envelope'!

 you've got mail:
"Audrey Hepburn"

 {Materials used}
An Audrey Hepburn postage stamp
and a magazine cut out female body
were placed over
my painted paper background
on an index card.
index card art
 "Travel Teddy Bear"
A teddy bear stamp was inserted into
magazine cut out of a lady's purse
as though they're going somewhere.
A teddy bear picnic perhaps?
index card art
"Field of Flags"
American flag stamps were laid out in a diagonal pattern.
~Cheryl Gee gets actual letters with stamps on them.  She saves the stamps and the letters too. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Coffee: Index Card Art

"Coffee comes in
five descending stages:
Carbon Remover."
Science Fiction Writers Grand Master
and coffee fanatic
with my own painted paper background
and ransom note-like lettering
{a favorite lettering technique of mine;
I even collect unique cut-out letters
just for this artistic purpose}
"Keep Calm and Make Coffee"

My index card art
"Any Friend of Coffee"
Here you see my last tribute to beloved coffee
but definitely not the last~
"Moment in Time in One Word: Awake"
~Cheryl Gee knows the power of good coffee and now if you will please excuse her, she's gone to have some. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Red: Index Card Art

"I invented the colors of the vowels!
A black, E white, I red, O blue, U green--
I made rules
for the form and movement
of each consonant and with
instinctive rhythms..."
~Arthur Rimbaud,
about whom French poet Paul Valery stated
'all known literature is written in the language of common sense~
except Rimbaud's'
"Red Arrow"
"Saturated With Red"
index card art
"Red Piece"
{a collage
in a hard back book
I paint and paste in often}

 ~Cheryl Gee knows red is an important color.  Pull up a chair, preferably a red one, and see if your list of best red things matches hers:  your heart, strawberries and cherries, roses, rubies, nail polish and lipstick, hibiscus and Santa's cheeks.  

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

California Dreamin': Index Card Art, Etc.

"I love Los Angeles.
I love Hollywood.
They're beautiful.
Everybody's plastic,
but I love plastic.
I want to be plastic."
~Andy Warhol, American artist,
a leading figure in the visual arts movement known as
I too love California for its mystic.
That and the memories of  TV shows and movies
"California ~ One Staple Collage"
index card art
My pile of paper is held together with one staple, you see.
It's 'a thing' now for the artsy,  so I tried it.
The stapler and I were willing,
but that slippy, slidey paper was all over the place.
"Malibu ~ Best of the 'Bu"
for a creative listing challenge 
that used to take place here.
Above is yet more of my California dreamin'
with my paper collage "Ocean" 
and a list of things to do on 27 miles of scenic California beauty.
Which I will totally do if given the chance!
~Cheryl Gee thinks California is more like 'Coolifornia'!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Brown: Index Card Art

"When coffee dreams,
it dreams in chocolate."
~It's Chocolate Day, 2014!
Admittedly every day should be Chocolate Day.

I adore

 chocolate in any form,
dark roast coffee,
crunchy (not chewy) brownies with pecans
and the color brown.

Brown is the color of dark wood and rich soil.

Brown is a composite color of red, yellow and black:
"Brown Pottery Vase"
{a magazine paper collage over my painted background
on an index card
inspired by,
you guessed it,
my own brown pottery vase
that contains fake flowers at the moment,
but its contents change with the seasons and my moods}
"How Now, Brown....Chandelier?"
~Cheryl Gee has a theory that chocolate cures everything.  It's probably not true but why take the chance?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Repeating Pattern: Index Card Art

"Go within every day and
find your strength
so the world
doesn't blow out
your candles."
~Katherine Dunham,
American dancer, author, educator, social activist
  The Independence holiday weekend continues
with my patriotic index card art:
"Red, White and Blue Candles"
paper collage, created on July 4th,
repeating pattern
Let's imagine these candles are strawberry, vanilla and blueberry scents!
"Field of Flags"
index card art
"Field of Flags" was created from my canceled stamp collection, 
to represent
a repeating pattern. 
It was born on the Fourth of July, last summer!
~Cheryl Gee thinks that if history repeats itself, she is so getting a dinosaur!
~This creativity is shared at the Craft Schooling Sunday link up and at Wordless Wednesday Headquarters!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Polka Dot: Index Card Art

"Don't think
there is ever
a wrong time
for a polka dot."
~Marc Jacobs, American fashion designer,
who established a street wise aesthetic--
a little preppie, a little grunge and a little couture
"Peachy Beads"
{decorative paper, circle template, hole punch, glue stick, index card}
"Polka? Dot!"
index card art
{magazine paper, stationery, Hawaiian calendar,
various sizes of circle hole punches, glue stick, index card}
{bird speak via the magic that is Picmonkey}
{The birds' eyes were created by me from a photograph I spotted in
National Geographic magazine
of a mummy's painted eyes.
Fun discovery!}
~Cheryl Gee is celebrating the Fourth of July today! Polka dotted ice cream cone in the afternoon!  Fireworks tonight!  


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Orange: Index Card Art

"Orange Arrangement"
{my arrangement of orange stickers of organic shapes and symbols
on a purple paper background}
"A Thing of Orange Beauty"
index card art
{Zentangling on my orange painted paper with my version of a Keats poem}
"Orange You a Pretty Peacock?"
{my painted paper ground and paper collage on gessoed cardstock}
~Cheryl Gee has a fondness for orange.  Orange is the official color of one of her favorite places on Earth. And here.  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sticker Fun: Index Card Art

"Yummy Summer Stickers"
index card art.
{Here you see stickers of fun summer food
from my vast sticker collection,
applied in a circular pattern.
I added a background of lines drawn with colored pencils.}
~Cheryl Gee has an unusually large collection of stickers dating back to when her amazingly creative son was a little boy. Sweet memories! Also sticky memories: like when he inserted a popsicle in a VCR instead of a video tape.  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Magenta: Index Card Art

"There are so many different colors of life,
of feeling, of articulation..
so when I meet someone
who's only an 8 crayon in a box type..
 I'm like, "hey girl, magenta!"
and she's like, "oh, you mean purple!"
and she goes off on her purple thing,
and I'm like, "no - I want magenta!"

  ~ John Mayer, American musician

{purple, red and magenta stripes of magazine paper
on a 3"x5" index card
with a magenta tinged flower to match}
"Scarlet to Magenta"
index card art
"Manifest Your Dreams"
{Zentangling on an index card
with colored pencils and magazine shapes}
~Cheryl Gee will never forget the moment in 2003 when John Mayer won the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Your Body is a Wonderland" over one of her all time favorite musicians, James Taylor for "October Road".