Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yellow: ICAD & Happy Summer Solstice!

"How wonderful
yellow is.
It stands for the sun."
~Vincent Van Gogh
"Old Gold"
index card art
{magazine paper collage of a blue sky and
a paintbrush dripping golden yellow paint
onto an ancient structure}
Sunshine yellow,
one of my favorite colors and
the right color
to celebrate the first day of summer:
other "yellow"  
index card art, ICAD 2012
{stationery collage with definition}
title: "Yellow Hibiscus"
My first
"yellow"index card art, ICAD 2013
{magazine paper collage of summery images in yellow hues}
title: "Sunny/Better Life"
~Cheryl Gee is on the pursuit of creativity and a relaxing weekend.  She wishes you a happy, creative summer!

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