Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Galaxy: Index Card Art

"Many wonderful things
have happened to me in my life,
but the two best are
my family and 3rd Rock."
~John Lithgow
who played Dick Solomon,
 High Commander and head of an
extraterrestrial expedition to Earth
to study human society on the TV show
"3rd Rock from the Sun". 
"3rd Rock from the Sun"
index card art for
Daisy Yellow's
Index Card a Day creative prompt
I made a black and white copy of the cast of the TV show from Bing.
{photo via hollywoodphotoshop.com}
then I colored the image with colored pencils.
 I added my own
painted patterned paper for the background and the planets.
 Other TV actor tributes
I created on index cards:
~Cheryl Gee has fond memories of watching TV shows.  She hopes they never go out of style.   

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