Monday, June 23, 2014

Circus Tent: Index Card Art Creative Challenge

"Time is a circus...
Always packing up and moving away."
~Ben Hecht
"Circus Tent"
embellished beach umbrella
paper collage on a 3"x5" index card is above
for one of my favorite summer creative challenges.
You should definitely check it out!
Here I used a scene from a Target brochure from my mail.
The scene was a beach umbrella.
 I was inspired! I love repurposing junk mail this way!
  I positioned a picture of a lady from the same brochure to appear to be strolling by the umbrella.
Next I added the sky and sand from decorative paper for the background.
Last I created a tiny cute circus tent to match the prompt "circus tent". 
Ta da!
                                                 tent flags against a stamped, starry sky
for ICAD 2013 is above.
To create the look I cut paper from my journal fodder boxes
into flag shapes.
Then I swagged the flags against a scantily painted sky
on an index card.
Lastly I stamped the stamps heavily over everything until I couldn't stamp any further.
A favorite of mine!
~Cheryl Gee pursues the creativity in repurposing junk mail.  After that she recycles it.  

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