Friday, March 14, 2014

Painted Paper Paradise: Intensity

My watercolor painting for
Daisy Yellow's
I favor paper as an art medium. 
Cutting and tearing up magazines
 to make a collage
is my idea of how to spend some creative time!
But one can't live by magazine paper alone.
 For a while I've been studying the artistic style of
combining collage or decorative paper with
found objects, 
acrylic paints,
and colored pencils.
Tammy at the Daisy Yellow art blog
is teaching online
 how to create painted paper backgrounds, so I'm in!
Perfect for me!  I need some painted paper backgrounds for my paper collages.
The first lesson is


First step: acquire some artist quality watercolors and paint brushes.
Okay, I know. 
They're just dry, pan watercolors,
but everyone has to start somewhere, right?
Next step: On watercolor paper,
 use black, brown or gray paint
and a size 6 pointed round paint brush
to draw some undulating lines across the page.
Last step: paint in rectangular shapes between the lines with the watercolors,
working quickly,
in order for the paints to mingle, mix, and blend. 
Here is when the paint did it's thing.
 You get the idea!
The fluid quality of the paint is so surprising! 
Like riding a bike down a hill without brakes!
Like walking in the dark!
Painting: So unlike the precision of paper and scissors like what I created here:

"Collage with Pink"
{magazine paper on a 3"x5" index card}
I'm looking forward
to the next painted paper background lesson:
  I'll show you!
Gotta swish, Jellyfish!  Have a great weekend!
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist who knows that paint flows where paint wants to flow.  She's okay with it.
~This painted paper paradise is shared at Serenity Now's Weekend Blogging Weekend Link Up and Saturday Show & Tell at Be Different Act Normal.  

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