Sunday, March 16, 2014

Painted Paper Paradise: Concentric

My painting  lessons continue with
"Concentric Circles Dry"
Painted Paper Paradise Art Workshop.
Here you see my circles painted inside circles within circles
in watercolor paints on a dry sheet of watercolor paper.
First I painted a few circles. 
It's not so easy to paint a circle with a paint brush, but I managed! 
Here's a trick I learned for more pleasingly shaped circles:
hold your paint brush a few inches above your paper
then make air-circles before lowering your brush onto the paper. 
Better circles!
Workshop Leader Tammy paints her circles in two strokes:
like connecting two parenthesis.
  ( then ) = a circle!
"Concentric Circles Wet"
when I painted circles on a wet sheet of watercolor paper.
Tie-dye pattern paper!
How I love concentric circles! 
Here's a collection of my concentric circle
cut paper collages:
 My very first experiment with the concentric:
"Concentric Circles"
{a cut paper collage on an index card}
"White Piece"
{index card art}
"Earth Without Art is 'Eh'"
{index card art}
I even made a concentric circle Christmas tree
for Artsyville's now closed art challenge
List It Tuesday.
It would be my dream come true if this art challenge would come back!
Can you hear me, Aimee?

My first lessons in painting paper backgrounds were heavenly!
~Cheryl Gee has reached the end of Spring Break but not her pursuit of creativity.  Her next lesson in painting paper backgrounds is "Paint Play".  Sounds to her like stripey, spotty, splashy, splattery and splotching paint heaven. 
~This creativity is shared at Creative Jewish Mom's Craft Schooling Sunday Link Up.  

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