Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Turquoise & Indigo: Rainbow & Word of the Year

My index card art for
[Color Combination}
Turquoise and indigo
Colored Pencils and Ultra-fine Permanent Marker
Announcing my word for the year:
Mantra is my mental shortcut to ask myself this question:
"Is what I'm {insert verb like those below} help me reach my goal of
health, wealth, wisdom, style and creativity?"
~My Mantra Verb Brainstorm~
A ~ activating
B ~ buying
C ~ caring about
D ~ donating
E ~ emphasizing
F ~ finding
G ~ Googling
H ~ hoping
I ~ intertwining
J ~ joining
K ~ keeping
L ~ laughing at
M ~ mentoring
N ~ noticing
O ~ obsessing about
P ~ puzzling over
Q ~ quitting
R ~ remembering
S ~ scheduling
T ~ teaching
U ~ utilizing
V ~ valuing
W ~ watching
X ~ x-ing out
Y ~ yearning after
Z ~ Zentangling
My  rainbow is officially complete! Art challenge fun!  I enjoyed it!
~Cheryl Gee selected "enjoy" last year as her first ever word for the year.  She enjoyed almost every day of 2013 and hopes the questions "mantra" prompts her to ask herself will serve her well. 


My mixed media collage for
my 2013 word for the year.
~Tomorrow, Sparrow!

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