Monday, January 20, 2014

Pattern Paper: Create Your Own!

Design your own patterned paper with some very simple materials:
white card stock
acrylic paints and colored pencils
ultra-fine permanent marker
correction pen
{doodle and Zentangle}
Get bonus creativity points by scanning your patterned paper into your computer
to print when a creative project comes your way.  Yes!
Lay down some random lines of acrylic paint on some white card stock
when you're working on a creative project. 
 This is "some day" paper.
For pattern paper like this
start doodling on your "some day" paper to your heart's content with
an ultra-fine permanent marker. 
Use colored pencils to fill in the rest of the area.
Last comes the correction pen for the white doodles.
This was fun!
Just go with it! 
~Cheryl Gee adores paper projects and plans on sharing some with you soon!

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