Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yellow & Green: December Rainbow Escape

My index card art for
{Color combination}
yellow & green
mind map/collaboration turned it into a cartoon!
My rainbow so far.
~Cheryl Gee consulted her amazing, creative son for some word inspiration for a yellow and green mind map and got some Greenzilla inspiration instead. 
Branches of a mind map that turned into a Greenzilla cartoon:
names in yellow and green in languages--peridot, chartreuse, tertiary, limerick, verdigris, nyanza and mindaro;
names of yellow and green in nature--lime, cucumber, pear, apple, spring bud, lawn, pistachio, avocado and olive.
Cheryl's blue mind map just to show you she knows how:

 Celebrating 200th blog post today!

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