Sunday, December 15, 2013

Magenta & Scarlet: December Rainbow Escape

My Index Card Art
{Color Combination}
Magenta & Scarlet
I love a good art challenge and here's one for December:
pick a color combination and a technique as you work your way around a rainbow color wheel.
Above is my first: magenta and scarlet with a list.
The inspiration for this list has been on my bulletin board lately
and it came from
Manifest Your Dreams
Thoughts have a profound way of allowing you to see opportunities and take action. 
Positivity and creativity enable us to actualize what we desire.
Here's your invitation to imagine something you want.  Something just for you. 
1.  Visualize what you want
Imagine your want in great detail.  See it and feel it.
2.  Positive mindset
Thinking positively creates positive outcomes. 
3.  Practice patience
Manifesting takes time.  Keep visualizing.  Giving up is not an option.
4.  Slow down and breathe
Creative imagining happens when you are feeling centered, calm and peaceful. 
~Cheryl Gee invites you to manifest your dreams and to join in an art challenge of your choice this month.  Action steps!

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