Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturated Color: Daily Paper Prompts

"Saturated With Red"
My index card art
~3D Candy Cane Frame, text and snowflakes via Picmonkey's free photo editing~
Saturated color: 
drenched, immersed, soaked, and liquefied as in
with paint.
I'm in a mood to search for colors and shapes, so
paper is my choice of saturation with color today.
My canvas is a 3"x5" index card.
Source of images: glossy magazines.
 Why red?  Just because. 
I've saturated index cards and blank books with paper color before:
"Blue Art Materials"

"Yellow Hibiscus"
 "White Piece"
"Collage with Pink"
"Black and White"
"Blue Mood"
~Cheryl Gee and the rest of North Texas are iced in just now. Thanks, Freak Arctic Blast!  Must make art and hot chocolate with extra creamy whipped cream!  Oh the possibilities!
"Dallas Frozen"
 photo via Mike Gee
Sheets of Ice Falling
Shops of Legacy
Plano, Texas

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