Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Stuffed and Fluffed: Semi-Wordless Wednesday

When you  work at a creative place like I do
 sometimes you get a bag full of silly craft stuff like shown above 
with the instructions
 "Build a Turkey" and win a prize. 
One thing though: you can only add one item!
I've been creative before creative was cool, so naturally I'm all over this!
My 1st place turkey!
For my one added item I selected a discarded children's library Thanksgiving book. 
Clever, yes?
Here's how I fluffed a turkey from the stuff in the bag:
From construction paper in the bag of craft stuff
I cut out a head, feet, and wings.
 I glued the turkey head to a popsicle stick
and stuck it down into the spine of the book.
I folded the center pages of the book
 in a protruding manner for a turkey body,
and used the trimmed off page edges to make loopy feathers for the back.
I glued on tail feathers
cut from the book jacket
and added pom-poms everywhere it looked good,
and it looked good all over! 
Lots of pom-poms!
~Cheryl Gee is on the pursuit of creativity and hopes to find some on the road this Thanksgiving holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving to the nicest followers ever!
~p.s.  Her prize for creating a first place turkey at work from a bag of stuff?  A "leave work early coupon".  Awesome! More time for creativity!
~This creativity is shared at Artsyville's Glue It Tuesday. 

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