Monday, October 14, 2013

The Storybeader: Special Guest Artist

Please allow me to introduce you to my blog follower Deb, The Storybeader.
 Deb is an accomplished blogger, art journaler, jewelry artisan, haiku writer, bookmaker,
art newsletter author, Etsy shop owner and museum curator.

Deb and Marcie via The Storybeader

When I asked Deb to explain how she juggles all her responsibilities and keep her creativity, she responded: 
"First of all, I love my job as a museum curator.  I believe if you're not happy with what you do, then life becomes a chore.  I find art journaling a good way to express my feelings while doing art, and highly recommend it.  I first got started after visiting an "Art Journaling Ning" -  Here's my page there.   My artwork and art journaling are one and the same.  I use my journal as my canvas; then do other bookish things like making journals for sale on Etsy.

I began on Etsy as a jeweler and haiku writer.  That's why I started to blog - to get my work out to a wider audience.  I'm also very active with a team on Etsy called the Blogging Business Artisans. We've been together for 2 years, and many of us were members of another blogging team before that.  We have some requirements, such as blogging and joining in 6 challenges every year.  And we're always interested in new members.   Another way I keep up with creating new artwork is by joining artist's prompts on various websites.  My weekly AlphabeThursday posts are a case in point!   

I love to blog and also have a monthly newsletter. If I don't feel like writing three posts in one week, I resign myself to just one.  Since my job is 40+ hours / week, I usually write my blog posts on the weekend, and edit them during the week at night." 

{:-Deb, the storybeader

~Cheryl Gee thanks Deb, The Storybeader, for sharing her story of creativity.  You go, Deb!

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