Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Stitching Paper: Daily Paper Prompt

"Thread Scribbled Flower"
My adventures in stitching paper with needle and thread or a sewing machine
for Daily Paper Prompts here:
"Sew Senseless"
~scraps of paper and fabric sewn to an index card~
~on my then-new Sony Vaio keyboard~
"Stitches and Drips"
~colored glitter glue on index card with angular sewing~
"Stencil Pattern Butterfly"
~I traced around a butterfly stencil on the back of this index card covered with decorative paper then
hand stitched it with embroidery floss in a straight stitch~
"Perfect Opportunity"
~a mixed media collage based on a Hawaiian calendar paper scrap, stitched to an index card~
"Faux Stitched Topiary"
~a stencil pattern traced in 'pen stitch' with an ultra-fine permanent marker~
~Cheryl Gee learned to embroider on dish cloths in childhood from her creative grandmother.  Stitching on paper is much more difficult. For one thing, paper doesn't fall softly in your lap like cloth does and paper doesn't have patterns printed on that say "Thursday I shop" or "Friday I cook".  I'd sew one that read "Saturday I create".  

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