Saturday, October 26, 2013

Share the Link Love: Online Places That Make Me Smile

School kid's art work; My photo editing hijinks.  
Let's have some fun by listing
places that are fun to visit online.
We're using our creative powers for good by joining the mission of
in spreading some link love.
Let's get started, shall we?
1. PicMonkey/ Free Photo Editing, is my daily go to place
for adding text and sparkles to my digital images. 
 The world needs more sparkles!
You can also make photo collages there.  So easy and so creative!
Here's a mommy blogger with an acute case of the cutes.
Always good for some laughs.
is a crafter, designer, comedic writer
who never fails to amuse me
and enlighten me. i.e.:
Liberace Guacamole recipe and Confetti Business Cards.
Who is Crafty Chica? 
 In her own words she is an artsy, thrifty, quirky and ultra clever female.
Crafty Chica is addicted to extreme color, sparkly accents,
and spreads the love through all things handmade.
5.  How About Orange?
Designer, fabric designer and creative person
Jessica runs a show and tell blog that is heaven
to anyone who loves design concepts and what else?
Oh right, the color orange.

~Cheryl Gee used a student's self portrait above and edited it in PicMonkey with Halloween tricks and treats.  


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