Saturday, October 19, 2013

Share the Link Love: Fave Five Posts That Almost Weren't

My "Bubble Vase" Cut Magazine Paper Collage

I'm treasure hunting through this blog today
because I'm on a mission
with Daisy Yellow and Crafty Pod
to share some link love. 

Today's theme is
 'posts that I almost didn't post."  
1.  Boldly Brilliant
In August 2012, I decided the blogosphere looked like a friendly place to play.
 So I registered this website and for my first blog post I showed you my school district's creative, artsy Roy Lichtenstein pop art inspired theme of the year.

2. Index Card a Day #1-#5 (2012)
Last summer I didn't have a summer school job,
so I decided to do something that I knew would make me even happier:
I took some time to learn about art and to make art.
 I'm going out on a limb here with this blog post by actually showing it to you!
In May, 2013, a monster tornado leveled the town
where I was married several years ago
and where my amazingly creative son was born. 
 I was devastated at the news of the massive destruction. 
 It brought back so many memories of my life then.
Was our house still standing?
It was so painful to recall our happy early married years because the marriage didn't last. 
Did the house?
This summer I called the City of Moore
and was so relieved to learn
our house still stands today.
It survived.  So did I. So did my amazingly creative son.

4. 100th Blog Post
Blogging is a labor of love.
It's pointless sometimes and soulful, enriching at all times.
I wonder if anyone cares, and then suddenly I'll get a comment
from the nicest followers ever and I'm on my pursuit of creativity once again. 
Thank you to all my followers.  You're the best!
I love being part of the artistic online community.
 Here's to my 200th post, coming before the year ends.

5. I'm the Winner!
Sometimes it is just plain hard
to keep up with all my creative online acquaintances,
but one lucky-for-me day
I replied online to Girl Unwinding and won her big giveaway. 
Later I featured Dawn as a
special guest artist here
Making time for online friends is very important!

~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist who let her inner artistic child come out to play in 2012 and is ever so glad she did.
~This share the link love creativity is shared at Daisy Yellow.  

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