Wednesday, October 16, 2013

On a Problem-Solving Roll: The Moments #1

Post Your Imperfect Camera Photo Each Day in October
I'm Joining Up Late, But Imperfect Photos I've Got!

"Never try to solve all the problems at once —

make them line up for you one-by-one.

— Richard Sloma
 Tall Man, Tall Ladder
It was summer: my brief time away from teaching.
Summer was a time of Index Cards a Day, regular blog posting,
and lining up problems just for the thrill of checking  them off my list. 
I was on a roll!
One memorable problem I crossed off my list
was the cleaning of my
 extremely high windows
at my residence.
Clean Really High Windows!

The windows were dusty and a constant source of displeasure.
I like things beautiful, people!
One online search for a window cleaner in town yielded a good result.
 It wasn't that expensive and a really tall man with an ultra high ladder
tackled the job one morning.
The windows are spic and span now!
These photos aren't at all creative or memorable,
but I snapped them with my iPhone camera to
mark the moment that problem was solved.

Lesson learned: call in your professionals and never underestimate the power of Bing
It feels so good to solve a problem!
Home Sweet Home
Where I Have Really High Windows
~Cheryl Gee will be posting imperfect photos here in October.  Thank you Tammy, Daisy Yellow Art Blog, for the opportunity. You're so creative!


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