Friday, October 11, 2013

Fave Five Friday: Creative Links That Taught Me Something

Modern Snail Mail
Cristina Vanko doodled text responses with a caligraphy pen for a month then photographed them. Her family and friends were amazed.

Local to The Stylish Studio and very creative tour! 
 It's a time when artists open their creative spaces
for their friends, fans and collectors to come and see their art work and art spaces. 
 Last year I went, I saw, I overheard.

The 21st annual White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour is a free self-paced tour that gives visitors a peek into the lives and artistic processes of more than
45 artists in the East Dallas area. 
 I'm going for my first time Saturday and Sunday! 
 It's cool to see where artists work their magic.
Organized Desktop Image via

I came upon this art gallery/shopping site this week
when I was researching "lines" in art.
 I wanted to correctly describe the lines
in the Waikiki building facade posted for Wordless Wednesday.  
I happened upon some awesome abstract line art here. 
~Cheryl Gee has way more than five favorite links to share, but are more on the way next week about what I almost didn't post.   
~These creative links posted above, that taught me something, were linked at Daisy Yellow's Share the Link Love. Tammy of Daisy Yellow is on a mission to share blog links, and I participate.  I believe that blogs matter.  I believe blogs make a difference.  If you too believe, hey--join the mission!

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