Monday, August 12, 2013

Share the Link Love: Favorite Topics

My "Beaded Curtain" Index Card a Day
 Corkboard, Scrap Paper, Hearts and Lettering Effects via Picmonkey

Favorite Topic of Mine #1
Zentangle taught me that it's fun to draw.
  I had zero experience drawing until
going to a Zentangle workshop at the public library that changed my life.  
 I love Zentangle, and I hate it when people ask me why it is useful.  It just is!
 My "Zenned Out Cross" Index Card Art
Colored Pencil and Ultra-fine Permanent Marker on an Index Card

Favorite Topic of Mine #2
Paleo Diet
 I am four months into the Paleo Diet because
eating food with wheat flour and sugar
makes me feel ill. I feel so much better!
 This blog has a lot of great Paleo recipes
in case you're curious, and I try many of them. 
Favorite Topic of Mine #3
Cool yellow guy photo via Bing
I had a grandmother who lived in Oklahoma during the Great Depression.
She could whip up something out of nothing
like nobody's business. 
People have called me 'creative' all my life: 
I have a talent for 
turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Here's someone I admire greatly who writes daily about creativity.  
 Favorite Topic of Mine #4


The Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo,
has taught me so much in her
blogging ecourses! 
 Favorite Topic of Mine #5

My word of the year via Bing
I just adore unique lettering, pretty paper and
unusual ways designers use letter styles in print.
Here's a fun place to go if you love typography like I do. 
~Cheryl Gee is sharing her list of favorite topics at Share the Link Love by Daisy Yellow, currently hosted at Crafty Pod.   

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