Monday, August 19, 2013

Flowers: Daily Paper Prompt

 A print of the sole of my sandal with black ink on an index card
in response to the prompt "flower" at Daisy Yellow Daily Paper Prompts.
I was once called a "floral person" by
 someone who sat by me at scrapbooking class.
Perhaps my stack of flowery paper and embellishments was the tipped off,
but it was never that obvious to me. 
I confess:
I think flowers are so classically beautiful
and lots of fun to collage, draw and paint.
The following pieces are
my tributes to flowers:
 Same sandal print as above, now with colored pencil.
My "Yellow" Index Card Art
A tribute to the yellow hibiscus

My "Collage with Pink"
Magazine paper cut in thin strips and applied to an index card with a flower because I like it
My "Texas Jewel" paper collage
My "Sunflowers" drawing
colored pencils on an index card
~Cheryl Gee is a librarian and mixed media artist who is okay with being a "floral person."

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