Saturday, July 27, 2013

Share the Link Love: Wanna Swap Blog Buttons? Read On!

My 'Heart Stencil' for Daisy Yellow's ICAD3
Let's see what I bookmarked on my iPad this week to share with you, my Creatively Inclined:
Brave Girls Art Camp via Artsyville
Aimee and her brave girls glued, painted, yoga posed,
sculpted, wrote, doodled, collected, typed, and daydreamed for four days. 
One question Aimee:  Is there a Brave Women Art Camp?
 {Does this spark an idea?}
 Sign me up! 
Cool Craftiness via Mod Podge Rocks
You know I have my school librarianness and my pursuit of creativity on my mind 24-7, 
so naturally I'm crazy for back to school crafts.
I remember playing school when I was too young to attend. Did you?
 I systematically arranged paper and pencils and crayons
 on the front porch at our house
which was across the street from an elementary school. 
Now that I'm a grown up who gets to be at school for a career,
I still adore back to school supplies and ways to embellish them.
Amy at Mod Podge Rocks show you here how to
 collage a globe, make a desk organizer out of paper tubes and boxes,
decorate pencils with decorative paper,
and how to make cuter clipboards, journals and desks that you can buy.  Thanks Amy! 
Pom Pom Monogram via Aunt Peaches
I read Aunt Peaches daily on my iPad just for comic relief between reading
 Huffington Post and Dallas Morning News. Aunt Peaches is so funny!
Here Auntie shows you what to do if you happen to have a big hollow cardboard letter,
 a few hundred pompoms and some glue.
Behold: the Pom Pom Monogram
Portrait via
Leonie Dawson has a pretty amazing life and business based in Australia. 
 She trains women to live passionate, inspired, prosperous lives. 
 I recommend Leonie. She's exceptional! Check her out and let me know if you agree.
 Blog Button Swap via
Want to swap blog buttons?
I'm inspired by artist Mary Walker who is hosting the first blog button swap I've noticed.
Mary and I swapped blog buttons!
Here's Mary's button:
The idea is that we agree to display each other's buttons on our blogs. 
That's creative networking!
My cute button:

Here's a tutorial from Creative Kristi about how to  create a blog button. 
Even swapping images of our blog headers instead of a blog "button" would work for me! 
Please reply if you're interested.  Hope you will! 
Note to my Creatively Inclined:
Share the Link Love has gone theme-y for August just in case you wish to join in.
Tammy of Daisy Yellow is on a mission to help us share the online links we love.
  Diane of Crafty Pod is currently hosting the event at   
Aug 2:  Share five favorite tutorials (no problem!)
Aug 9: Links that represent five favorite topics (but I have so many favorite topics)
Aug 16: My blog's five most popular posts other than giveaways (you bet!)
Aug 23: Five favorite projects from any blog (I can do that! Hear that, my Faithful Followers?)
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist who is really into creativity.  She'd love to swap blog buttons with you!

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