Friday, July 5, 2013

Share the Link Love: So Very Varied

Around my Stylish Studio this week: 
colored glass vases reflecting the Texas noon sun; my red, white and blue design book;
what's on my front door; and a glittery tinsel star from Garden Ridge
It's time to share some links I'm enjoying this week.
Head on over to Crafty Pod by Diane, who is our hostess for link love sharing for now.
Wednesday I was a special guest on Daisy Yellow and wow, was I honored!
Tammy featured this index card I made:

Already on Cloud Nine from the special spot on Daisy Yellow,
I won a blog giveaway from Dawn at Girl Unwinding
of a mini-junk journal she hand made, her flower mandala stickers and
washi tape by Aimee of Artsyville!

 I rave enthusiastically about the experience here

My treasures from Girl Unwinding
I saw a cute pictorial feature of a puppy in a hot dog bun.
 I thought it would either make you either smile or  ________(fill in the blank).

Cutest puppy face ever?  via Buzz Feed

 My creative friend and follower of this blog,
Debra, She Who Seeks,
got some new neighbors:

Faerie Abode photo via She Who Seeks

Urban fairies at the Ann Arbor District Library. Check this out:

Fairy houses inside library books photo via Ann Arbor District Library.

The shelf label reads:
Please do not touch.
The books are out of circulation.
Besides there may be someone hiding in them, and it would be rude to disturb them.
~Cheryl Gee has plenty of links she loves! 

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