Monday, July 15, 2013

Italy: ICAD3

Prompt: Italy
Here you see my 3"x5" index card representing Italy.
  It's a photograph of gondoliers and boats on Venice Lagoon
cut from an old National Geographic Magazine.
Random cut out letters spell 'Italy' and the letters are outlined in oil pastel.
I've never been to Italy,
 but I have been to Oklahoma:
Three Dog Night, I Never Been to Heaven But I Been to Oklahoma, One of the Top 1970s Bands
~Cheryl Gee is decorating index cards and connecting the themes to music.  The connection occurs during the time she meditates on the prompt. 

If you dig 1970s music, you'll think this slideshow is cool. Keep on truckin'!

~This post is gratefully shared at Artsyville's Glue It Tuesdays.  

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