Sunday, July 28, 2013

Girl Unwinding: Special Guest Artist

 Dawn, Girl Unwinding
designed these flower mandalas with a little help from Mother Nature.  
Have you ever seen anything so creative? Wow!
 I'm delighted to share them with you here
thanks to the generosity of Dawn, my very special guest artist.  
Here's a close up view for you:

You may recall that I was the big winner of Dawn's giveaway recently:
In the package were stickers Dawn created from photographs of her flower mandalas.
Intriguing!  I asked Dawn to explain the flower mandala origin.
Dawn was into hand drawing mandalas when she was outside one day and noticed some leaves that had turned brown.  In her imagination Dawn connected the brown leaves with the sand mandalas that Buddhist monks make as a way to practice
meditation and impermanence. 
She decided to do the same thing with elements of nature that are dead or dying. 
The concept was to give the natural elements a new life and continue their beauty.
Dawn tries to use pieces of nature that have already died and that the plant has discarded.  She isn't trying to deface a perfectly beautiful plant.  She will add a bloom here or there if she has a lot of them, if they were from a bouquet of cut flowers in her home,
or if the bloom was a weed.
Dawn wants to show that there is still beauty past a certain stage
that we most times overlook. 
The creativity is meditative and enjoyable.
Dawn creates the flower mandalas outside such as in the yard or on the porch, or in the garage if the weather if it's cold or windy.  Sometimes the flower mandalas last for 4 to 5 days and sometimes the wind and rain take them away immediately.  She's even made them in public a couple of times. 
Both Dawn and I are participating in
Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day.  Here's Dawn's index card art:
ICAD via Girl Unwinding
~Cheryl Gee thanks Dawn, Girl Unwinding, for sharing her incredibly unique style of creativity and the story of how it came to be.  She's inspired to make a flower mandala today.

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