Monday, July 22, 2013

Creative Road Trip Games

my index card art from Index Card a Day, 2012
Some people check their phone or apply makeup while at a stop light in a car. 
I'm playing car games instead:

"The Car Color Game"

In the car at a stop each person in the car selects the most interesting color from the cars around you.  As you drive on, spot as many different items or types of materials in the environment that color.
Try to spot at least 10 different items for your color between stops.  It won't be difficult!
You'll be amazed at the variety of colorful materials
in your environment when you play this car game. 
You'll be pleasantly surprised at the different ways your color will appear.
Another fun game I play in the car is:

"Fifty States License Plate Game"

I tuck a copy of a 50 states score sheet in the car each New Year's Day
and get a thrill when I spot a new state license plate! I also put down the date spotted.

photo via Moms Mini Van
  ~Cheryl Gee looks forward to going to work or errands each day and not just to play "The Car Color Game" and "Fifty States License Plate Game." (True story!)   Do you have a creative car game?

~This bit of car creativity is shared at Artsyville Glue It Tuesday. Cruise on over there for what others are sharing!

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