Monday, June 17, 2013

Sun: ICAD3

My "Sun" Collage for ICAD3

It's the beginning of summer vacation for me.  It's a profound adjustment, surprisingly. 
 I love the routine of teaching, the schedules, the lessons and the kids.
 I still go in to the library for a couple of hours each day
just to catch up and get ready for the next school year.
We're halfway through June already!
It's time for me do all  those creative projects I've been dreaming of
and to get into one of my all time favorite art challenges:
 the Index Card a Day challenge by Tammy at Daisy Yellow.
Over the weekend I made a collage to represent the ICAD prompt "sun."

First I painted a 3"x5" index card with acrylics in a couple different light blues and a white in a swirly manner with a flat bristled paint brush. 

Over that I made an arrangement of images
representing yellow and orange
that I cut from magazines: 
a graphic sun, shoes, lemons, stationery, marigolds and the words "better life."
I outlined it all in orange oil pastel.
Today I had some time before posting my sun index card here for you,
so I  played with some props I found in my kitchen.
I placed the sun index card on a beach ball photo stand on my slate dining room table.
I propped a Mexican ceramic sun face against a pretty little pot of French dwarf marigolds and snapped away with my iPhone. 
Finally I opened the photo in Picmonkey and added my url in a cool font,
 a blue and white frame
and the sparkly circles of light. 

How glorious! How fun! How creative!
~Cheryl Gee wrote an "About Me!" page today for this website.  She hopes you'll visit it, enjoy what she's written about her website's mission and her happy, creative life, and leave a comment. 

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