Saturday, June 1, 2013

Share the Link Love: Paleo Diet

Sugar and wheat flour were banished from my life about a month ago
along with any food that wasn't on the list above. 
 Said banishing took days and several garbage bags
to rid the fridge, pantry and freezer of food
that was making me feel
Good riddance to not feeling well all the time. 
I created a low carb food plan for myself that sometimes goes by the name Paleo diet
Here are five links I am currently enjoying as I seek information and recipes:
~Cheryl Gee used to love bread and brownies but now she loves almond butter and scrambled eggs with spinach, and sharing links. 

~This link love is shared at Daisy Yellow art blog for the purpose of furthering the mission of spreading the word about awesome online places to go. Enjoy!

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