Monday, June 3, 2013

Faux Stitching: ICAD3

My Faux Stitched Topiary Planter on an Index Card
Here you see my response to the "faux stitching" prompt for Index Card a Day year 3 at Daisy Yellow art blog.
Faux stitching, or pen stitch, is a mimic of actual stitching of a pattern on paper instead of cloth.
I found the pattern of the topiary in the book The New Stencil Book by Simone Smart.  This book has ultra-cool stencil patterns I would love to someday see around my home.  I used a little portable light table to trace the stencil pattern from the book onto my index card with a pencil. 
The faux stitching represented above are faux daisy stitch in forest green ultra-fine permanent marker for the foliage and faux running stitch in brown and black marker for the branches and planter.
Daisy Stitch
For ICAD2 I did some actual stitching on an index card with embroidery thread, some decorative paper and a butterfly stencil.  I recall a nice feeling of accomplishment when it was finished along with a couple of sore fingers from getting poked with a sharp needle.  Ouch!  I think faux stitching is much less hazardous to your finger tips!

~Cheryl Gee learned to stitch when she was a child and how to faux stitch as an adult.  Life is so ironic yet profound sometimes when you are a creative like she is.   

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