Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Crown: ICAD3

Crown: ICAD3 prompt
Here you see my latest collaging and painting for
Index Card a Day art challenge, year 3.
The prompt was "crown."

I attempted to draw a fancy crown, but it was so small and intricate that it was very hard to cut out! Instead I cut out some shapes that suggest a crown and
outlined the shapes in colored pencils for a whimsical touch.
So I went with my favorite medium: magazine cut outs collaged over a painted index card.
First I glued two 3"x5" index cards together with a glue stick.  I applied a layer of white gesso with an old plastic card and let it dry. 
 Today I painted my index card with a dab in the center with a generous portion of white acrylic paint.  I also dotted some lime green paint on the index card along with sunshine yellow, sky blue and avocado skin green.   I used a flat brush paint brush to mix the colors on the card starting in the center and working in a swirl pattern, cleaning my brush by painting on a page in the old hardback book I paint and collage in.
Traditional "Keep Calm" posters have white letters, but mine have some random magazine letters arranged in a message that is close to my heart: keep calm and stay creative!
~Cheryl Gee is keeping calm and cool despite near 100 degree temperatures in the Dallas area this week.  

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