Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camera: ICAD3

My Camera/iPhone Cover Collage: ICAD3
Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day prompt was "camera."

I haven't used a traditional camera per se in several years 
ever since
I got myself an iPhone, which I love by the way.  

All I got mentally for "camera" was something like this:

Really Old Cameras via Village for the Vintage

No offense Really Old Cameras, you were okay back in the day,

but I love my iPhone for taking photos.

  I take all my photos , including for this blog, on my phone.  It's so convenient!

So I decided for my camera index card art I would design an iPhone cover using my work for ICAD3

I used the "create a collage" feature in Picmonkey and pretty soon I had something to work with.

I played with the sizing of my collage by placing it into a Word document
 because I was going for 3"x 5" like an index card.  I printed it on card stock and cut it out.

I added a camera eye that I snipped from an image of an actual iPhone,
then used a paper corner rounder from my scrapbooking supplies.

What a blast I had designing my pretend iPhone cover. Love the results!

~Cheryl Gee is really into collage, usually the 'cut and glue some paper' kind of collage, but thinks digital collage is creative too!

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