Sunday, June 30, 2013

Camera: ICAD3

My Camera/iPhone Cover Collage: ICAD3
Daisy Yellow's Index Card a Day prompt was "camera."

I haven't used a traditional camera per se in several years 
ever since
I got myself an iPhone, which I love by the way.  

All I got mentally for "camera" was something like this:

Really Old Cameras via Village for the Vintage

Photo Mosaic Creativity

You've seen them on all the coolest blogs and art challenges:
 custom made mosaics from digital images. 
 I wanted one (let's get real: I craved to have one),
so I searched Bing for 'photo mosaics.' 
Here's one I just made online in about 10 seconds at Big Huge Labs
It is a mosaic of my work for Daisy Yellow's
Index Card a Day art challenge this summer. 
I like Big Huge Lab's mosaic generator because you can use a Flickr photo set to get the pictures.  I already had my index card art in a photo set, so all I had to do is paste in the URL at BHL.
The number of columns and rows is customizable.  
Big Huge Labs think (thinks?) of everything!
BHL gives you the HTML code so that you can credit the origin of the photos. Awesome!
Create then save.
 Perfect! You're so creative, Big Huge Labs!
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian who knows a lot about searching on BingGoogle too!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Share the Link Love: Fourth of July

I took this photo on a recent walk around the neighborhood.
 It's Uncle Sam waving and riding a bicycle!
Uncle Sam's bicycle wheels rotate if there's a breeze,
and if there is,  
it all swivels back and forth.  Fun yard art!

Thank you to creative friend and follower Debra, She Who Seeks,
for reminding me that the twirling, whirly yard art Uncle Sam shown above is a whirligig
That word takes me back to a time gone by. Thanks again, She Who Seeks!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Junk Mail: ICAD3

For Daisy Yellow's
Index Card a Day art challenge
I created this collage from several layers of paper:

 a greeting card of red flowers,
green decorative paper,
manila folder and
blue acrylic painted index cards.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Honolulu: ICAD3

City: Honolulu for ICAD3

Icons of Hawaii, poolside,
on a 3"x5" index card
cut from Hawaiian magazines and brochures 
for Daisy Yellow's
Index Card a Day art challenge:

glistening blue water on a sunny day,
a lush green lawn,
a frosty pink drink with a pineapple wedge,
slippers (we call them flip-flips in Texas),
a Hawaiian shirt,
a white plumeria blossom and
the crown leaves of a pineapple.

~Cheryl Gee once called Honolulu home.  She knows why they call it Paradise, because it is.

~A note to Dawn, Girl Unwinding, from Cheryl :

Thank you to Dawn, Girl Unwinding, for choosing me as the winner of your Mini Junk Journal and washi tape by Aimee, Artsyville.  I'm so happy!  I'll be posting more about it here! Yippee!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sun: ICAD3

My "Sun" Collage for ICAD3

Every IPAD App You Ever Need for 21st Century Thinking

Pinterest Image Shared Amongst My School Teacher Cohorts Regarding Bloom's 21 Century Thinking; Origin Unknown

The purple wedge labeled Create interests me the most! How about you?

~Cheryl Gee is really into creativity.  She is going to think of an unusual way to apply some of these apps to remember and understand how to evaluate what she's created. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wall Paper: ICAD3

My 'Wall Paper' Collage for ICAD3

Images above look like posters tacked on a wall above a table to represent my take on Daisy Yellow Art Blog's Index Card a Day prompt: wall paper.

This is a collage of 'papers on a wall' made from magazine cut out shapes
glued onto a 3"x5" index card.

~Cheryl Gee is definitely into wall "paper" but not so much wallpaper

~This ICAD is shared at Glue It Tuesday by Aimee at Artsyville. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Faux Stitching: ICAD3

My Faux Stitched Topiary Planter on an Index Card
Here you see my response to the "faux stitching" prompt for Index Card a Day year 3 at Daisy Yellow art blog.
Faux stitching, or pen stitch, is a mimic of actual stitching of a pattern on paper instead of cloth.
I found the pattern of the topiary in the book The New Stencil Book by Simone Smart.  This book has ultra-cool stencil patterns I would love to someday see around my home.  I used a little portable light table to trace the stencil pattern from the book onto my index card with a pencil. 
The faux stitching represented above are faux daisy stitch in forest green ultra-fine permanent marker for the foliage and faux running stitch in brown and black marker for the branches and planter.
Daisy Stitch
For ICAD2 I did some actual stitching on an index card with embroidery thread, some decorative paper and a butterfly stencil.  I recall a nice feeling of accomplishment when it was finished along with a couple of sore fingers from getting poked with a sharp needle.  Ouch!  I think faux stitching is much less hazardous to your finger tips!

~Cheryl Gee learned to stitch when she was a child and how to faux stitch as an adult.  Life is so ironic yet profound sometimes when you are a creative like she is.   

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Candyland: ICAD3

I Come From the Land of Candy

This paper collage of a sweet little girl is made even sweeter with cut outs from magazines of chocolate Whopper eyes, orange slice eye lashes, jelly bean cheeks and a lemon drop nose. 
The background is a scrap of newsprint I painted with left over paint once upon a time when I was in the painting mood.  I saved the scrap and placed it in my art journal fodder box just for fun occasion like this.

Candyland the game is explored here.
Game image from Bing
~Cheryl Gee never played Candyland but she does play ICAD at Daisy Yellow. 

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Share the Link Love: Paleo Diet

Sugar and wheat flour were banished from my life about a month ago
along with any food that wasn't on the list above. 
 Said banishing took days and several garbage bags
to rid the fridge, pantry and freezer of food
that was making me feel
Good riddance to not feeling well all the time. 
I created a low carb food plan for myself that sometimes goes by the name Paleo diet
Here are five links I am currently enjoying as I seek information and recipes:
~Cheryl Gee used to love bread and brownies but now she loves almond butter and scrambled eggs with spinach, and sharing links. 

~This link love is shared at Daisy Yellow art blog for the purpose of furthering the mission of spreading the word about awesome online places to go. Enjoy!