Sunday, May 19, 2013

Share the Link Love: Bossa Nova

Sometimes I find myself in the presence of greatness,
so I stop and I stare and I photograph.

Sometimes I'm in the presence of great links,
so I stop and I read and I share.

Here are some websites I'd like to share with you.
I enjoy them,
so perhaps you will too:

Aunt Peaches (Messy. Sparkly. More fun than a bag of possums.) writes about sequels wanted for some of her favorites in life that have gone away too soon..  I share her  love of the HBO series "Six Feet Under."

Craft Fail is a community of crafters admitting that not every craft project looks like Martha Stewart made them.  Call them first tries or huge errors, but they are craft fails.  This is a very funny place to see ideas from Pinterest that look so good but turn out so bad. This is a fail friendly site that celebrates the creative process.

Dollar Store Crafts  is a website run by Heather from Craft Fail with cool tutorials of embellishing dollar store stuff like flip flops. 

Kayte Terry, Anthropologie visual director, blogs here about her designs and her swell, creative life. 

Thaneeya McArdle shares with you everything she knows about art and art making at Art Is Fun.  I like her drawing and painting tutorials.   Explore artistic mediums, subjects, styles and view drawing lesson videos.  

~Cheryl Gee has a swell, creative life in Texas.  She wants a sequel to TV show "Providence," fails sometimes at crafts, and loves Anthropologie as well as dollar stores.  She thinks art is fun and so is bossa nova:

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