Sunday, April 28, 2013

Test Stress? Creativity is the Answer!

It was assessment of academic readiness in Texas schools last week.

Creativity was exemplary in my school to ease the stress:

Scented lotions are like potions for a brain break.
 The pretty, colorful bottles of lotion were on a classroom table for anyone to sooth away some stress.

Index cards I decorated were on display at my hall monitor station.
Several teachers stopped to admire.

Studies suggest peppermint candy is a perfect mid-test treat.   

Peppermint classroom aroma promotes concentration.

 "Hey Girl.
I just love how you actively monitored during the STAAR test. 
 You really care about following the test administration manual. That's cool"

Ryan Gosling's photograph, with a quote telling us he just loved our active monitoring, was a fun reason to read and reread the email information about testing from
  our campus testing administrator. 
Unexpected creativity!

Pizza was provided for faculty lunch on a testing day!  One less thing to think about that morning.
A board game day was awarded to for a smooth day of testing. 
One of the students showed me this Monopoly version that he brought in for game day.
Kids drew peppy signs from their family's point of view about excelling on test day. 
The signs were posted around the classroom.
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and a mixed media artist always on the pursuit of creativity.  Seriously, 24-7 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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