Saturday, April 6, 2013

Share the Link Love: What's Going On?

What's going on is that Tammy at Daisy Yellow Art Blog
created a new art challenge I just can't resist! 
Tammy is on a mission to restore link love.
She invites us to share 5 links weekly for the month of April. 
You're a genius, Tammy!
Here I'm sharing with you some link love from five of my blog followers. 
Next week I'll share more link love from other blog followers, don't you worry!

Love I'm sharing: Language of dreams;  doors you thought were closed may still be open.
That's a provocatively hopeful concept, Em!

 My Photo
Blog: She Who Seeks

Love I'm sharing: More Effin' Snow
One more reason I live in Texas, Debra!

Mary Walker

Blog: Mary Walker Designs

Love I'm sharing: Backyard Space for Art Cottage
I'm so envious! I'm still trying to find kitchen table space for art, Mary!

Deb, Storybeader

Blog: The Storybeader's Journal
Stroll Through Storyland

Love I'm sharing: AlpabeThursday - T is for Text
T is also for a terrific blog follower like you, Deb!

 Rachel SparkFire
Blog: Letters from a Mermaid
Love I'm sharing: Diane W. Preppy Designs + Giveaway
 Cute hair accessories and jewelry, Rachel!

~Cheryl Gee writes about creativity at The Stylish Studio.  She has so much link love to share April might just not be long enough!

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