Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Keep Calm and Create On

Keep Calm and Remember

You're Special!

I work with a creative school principal.
 That's so awesome because that has never been the case before.
Last fall Creative School Principal showed this YouTube video at a faculty meeting then challenged us to create our own team versions of the iconic "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters.
The one above is for my team, The Specials, which means PE, Art, Library and Music.

The teams of teachers' posters are framed and hung in the school.
  I'll go visit them all today and think about keeping calm.


In times of trouble such as unfolded this week in Boston, keep calm and remember not only that you're special but that you have special talents.

So keep calm and create or craft, write or paint or read something marvelous this week. 
Remember you are special.

~Cheryl Gee recalls many times of trouble but also knows that it just seems to bring us closer together.

~This creativity is shared at Be Normal Act Different, Serenity Now and Creative Jewish Mom. 

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