Thursday, March 14, 2013

List It Tuesday: Childhood Games

Me, the lone girl in this photo, rocking some hand-me-down clothes
from my boy cousins from Texas, where I thought all the fun people lived.
Also shown are my little brothers.
I'm posing on our pony at my parents' acreage in southwest rural Oklahoma.

My Childhood Games

*Is a Shetland pony a game?  If so count in Trigger, a pony our grandpa bought and kept where we lived.  I could actually run and jump up on from behind Trigger like in the movies!  Wow, that's so unlike the bookworm I was and still am. I'm actually what you'd call an "Indoor Girl." Trigger had a saddle, probably, but we rode it bareback, like in the photo. Now that's riding a pony!

*Jacks.  We girls played jacks at school on the cement porch.  I loved the bounce, scoop up, count, bounce, scoop up, count.

*Playing cards.  I enjoyed games I could play by myself like Solitaire.  I still enjoy Solitaire, but now I play it on my iPad.

*Ping Pong. We had a ping pong table, and my brothers and I played just long enough until somebody lost.

*Dominoes. My other grandpa loved to play dominoes with us kids at the kitchen table. I have fond memories of him mixing up the bone pile with his grandpa-like hands for another game, while my grandma was busy getting  us some cold Coca-Cola in bottles and Hersey chocolate bars.  Ah, the memories of childhood.

*Majorette baton.  Again I don't know if a baton counts as a game but I loved to twirl as a young girl. I was a majorette in my elementary school band and even marched in a few parades in town as a twirler.  I still recall the moves in our parade twirling routine.

*That's it from my memory of childhood games.  I had other interests as a child such as my self-created challenge to read a Nancy Drew mystery from the public library a day or my plan to become the next Margaret Mitchell.  I was fascinated with Gone With the Wind about the time of the photo above and fantasized about writing my own epic novel about the turn of the century, circa 1900. Soon I would become a high school newspaper editor (and school library student aide) and the winner of a journalism scholarship to the University of Central Oklahoma  based on my writings.

Today I write about my pursuit of creativity and my own mixed media art here.  I also write quite a large amount in my career as a school librarian.

~Cheryl Gee wore hand-me-down clothes as a child and is all the better for it.

~This post is shared at Artsyville.

This is a cute YouTube video of two girls twirling in a driveway to
Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean."

It's so creative how they made up a baton routine,
filmed themselves and shared it on YouTube.

You're so creative, you barefoot twirlers!

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