Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glue It Tuesday: Juried Art Show Fail

For Artsyville's New Art Challenge

"Glue It Tuesday"

I have a story of artistic failure and redemption to share that I'll call

"My Juried Art Show Fail"

A super-cool community sort of near The Stylish Studio 
put out a call to artists for entries
in a juried art show.  
It's been almost a year now,  
and the sting of my art show fail is fading from my memory 
and mercifully it didn't destroy my resolve to keep on keeping on with my mixed media art. 

Good news/Bad News

Good News: I thoroughly enjoyed the artistic process!

First I went to the website of the super-cool community
 and observed an equally super-cool
clean, crisp, white, and botanical municipal logo.

Here's my wildflower in the design process
with proof there was plenty of gluing and cutting involved.
Location: my kitchen table

Here you see my finished piece.
It is a wildflower collage made from magazine papers I selected,  and I love it.
 It is 10 x 13", mounted on a white background, and framed in a very nice black wooden frame.

I call it "Texas Jewel" because of the jewel tones of the papers I selected,
and because of legendary Texas wildflowers such as the Indian Paintbrush and the Fire Wheel.

When I gaze upon my wildflower I recall the blissful zone I was in
that Saturday morning when I completed it.
 I especially enjoyed the process of filling in the leaf with yellow green circles and even smaller yellow circles. The ladybug was a playful final touch I sometimes use in my art.   

I poured over every single detail of the application for the juried art show. 
 No detail was too time consuming or expensive for the framing and preparation of my entry. 
 I drove several miles to the super-cool community at the certain time and to the certain place.
  It was so exciting!
 I even pinned up a poster at work from the art society in the super-cool community 
that held the juried art show.  I told several people about it!

Bad News:  I was a juried art show fail.

I was called and asked to come pick up my framed wildflower collage the next day because it didn't place in the juried art show of the super-cool community.

After a walk of shame (actually a long drive in the pouring rain) to claim my wildflower collage I found "Texas Jewel" sadly locked in a room
in a very, very old historic building in the super-cool community 
with dozens of other pieces of other juried art show failed art pieces.  
It crushed me and disappointed me that my art was rejected.

In response I spent the past summer in drawing, painting and blogging e-courses and art challenges. 
 I loved every minute of my summer art experiences, 
and I realize now that the art show fail didn't kill me but made me a stronger artist. 
It also taught me to ask for feedback next time
and to take into consideration who is the judge or judges. 

To learn more about juried art shows you may find this article useful. 

~Cheryl Gee had to tell several people she was a juried art show fail.  She picked herself up, dusted herself off, and got back to her work and art. She hopes you would too if this happened to you.

~This good news/bad news post about an art show fail is shared at Artysville's Glue It Tuesday.

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