Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glue It: #1 Teacher Door Decor Contest

Fun, Fame, and Food Prizes

We had a door decorating contest for the teachers at my school last week, 
and spring was the theme.   

There's nothing like healthy competition to get your creative juices flowing, 
and teachers were cutting and gluing bulletin board paper 'till all hours at night!  
This was serious ya'll: lunches from a restaurant were the prizes for the winning door. 

I went... I saw... 
I couldn't wait to share with you 
the awesomeness that bloomed up and down our hallways.  

My team's door:

This ginormous ladybug is spread across my double library doors 
and represents the love you know kids have 
for their Specials classes: PE, Art, Library and Music. 

Miss Ladybug's smile reads "Don't bug me, I'm in Specials!"
She's holding a book titled Lots of Little Ladybugs
and her wings are dimensional
because they appear to flutter in and out.

Did you notice the ladybug antenas are punctuated with red balloons?  

Art teacher Sarah Ascher, Coach Gillie Freeman and I
 had a blast putting this door decoration up. It's cute!

Fourth grade door:

Slinkies and clocks "Spring Forward." Get it?
Those fourth grade teachers are so funny. 

Kindergarten's door:

Here you see a vivid rainbow made from little kids' hands that they traced and cut out from paper.  
The rainbow arches over a field of  bugs and flowers. Adorable! 
Placed third in the contest.  

Special Education Department's door:

There's a lot of work on this door.  
The teachers made a big polka dotted umbrella with jeweled raindrops falling across a field of student work: painted paper flowers and bunny heads made from pink paper plates,
 cotton balls for noses and chenille stems for whiskers.  Drenched in details and impressive!

Second grade's door:

"Spring Is In the Air" was the theme here, 
and I don't know where to begin describing this really beautiful double door decoration! 

Here you see the doors as a work in progress: 
a picket fence with flowers, puffy paper clouds, and a paper rainbow with lights inside. 

Awesome!  Much more was added to this display like a paper tree and swing. Incredibly cheerful! 
Placed second in the contest.

ESL and PACE's door:
English as a Second Language and Gifted and Talented (Plano Academic and Creative Education)
Teachers created a spring time wonderland with Spring flower garden with Easter eggs.  There's also
a dimensional rainbow made from colored paper twisted into paper ropes. Don't miss the glittery raindrops, puffy clouds and sun.  Mary Poppins too!

Third grade's door:
"March Madness" is a very creative take on the spring time theme:

This door beckons you to pick a question on a slip from the pocket on the door, 
take a shot with one of the toy basketballs in the plastic jar on the floor, 
and make a point for your favorite basketball team in the basketball finals.

Third grade teachers Jenia and Aly are "hoopin' it up" to music.  
They're wearing basketball jerseys with the number "3" on the back to represent their grade level.
They're about to hang the paper hoop around a hula-hoop and put it up over their doors. 
Amazing, Girls!
This door scored!  It took first place in the teacher door decor contest.

~Cheryl Gee cut and glued ladybug body parts to decorate a door this week. She is happy to share this story of the door decorating contest at school with you and her friends at the Glue It Art Challenge at Artsyville and Mary Walker Design's Show Me What You Got Wednesdays.

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