Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crafty Superstar Ultimate Craft Business Guide: February Artful Reading

Taking notes and contemplating the business side of crafting. 

Artful Readers Club~Art Challenge

The Crafty SuperstarUltimate Craft Business Guide

New & Expanded!

2012 by Grace Dobush
Grace Dobush, the self-proclaimed Crafty Superstar,
put together a book for those like me
who desire to learn about being an online entrepreneur of their crafty goods.

This edition is an updated version of the original 2009 publication of the same title.

Here's what you'll find in this book:

Chapter One: Do You DIY?  
What's your handmade item?
What are your motivations and expectations?

Chapter Two: Biz Basics
Pricing strategies
Finding a good work space
Keeping it legal
Sales tax cheat sheet

Chapter Three: Selling Out
Where to sell
Get a Website
How to Not Sell

Chapter Four: Indie Craft Shows
Application process
Getting prepped
Table displays
Day of show
DIY craft shows
Organizing your own craft show

Chapter Five: Get Noticed
Be Your Own PR Person
Social Media Advice
Getting Press

Chapter Six: The Next Level
Going full-time
Staying organized
Profiling customers
Setting goals

Forms and templates
Small business websites
Craft business websites
Suggested reading
E-commerce websites
Creative business conference
Indie Craft Shows

I found this book to be very informative and over-flowing
with websites and references for further information on forming a craft business.
You should check it out!

~Cheryl Gee is contemplating selling crafts and her mixed media art. She took many notes from The Crafty Superstar Ultimate Business Guide and is currently contemplating these questions from the book: What's my elevator pitch? How would I describe my creative business? What creative businesses do I admire? How would I like my brand to be regarded? What's my definition of success?  What will my business accomplish?

~This artful reader art challenge is linked at Art and Sole.

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