Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day Lovely Designs

National Heart Month

School Nurse's Clinic

Pink, red and white hand cut-outs in a heart shape with heart health tips:
*limit your screen time * take care of your heart *get a lot of exercise
*eat healthy foods

"100 Reasons Why We Love Our School and First Grade"

One hundred pink, white, red or purple hearts arranged in a 100 design. 
Each heart has a child's handwritten reason to love.

Rosy Glow Pot Pourri Basket

A simple but fun addition to the library book corner of children's Valentine Books.
Place a strand of white lights in a basket with potpourri.  Red for Valentine's Day. 

A paper chain of hearts over a window. 

~Cheryl Gee is interpreting Valentine's Day as a time to remind all the people in her life just how much she cares about them.  

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