Sunday, February 3, 2013

M is For Making Stuff: Pencil Creative Repurposing

I love visiting teachers' classrooms when they're away. 

Interesting things like this 'M' made from broken, beat up yellow pencils 
with author quotes written in the background by a student on poster board are creative finds.

Why an M?
The last name of the teacher whose room I was visiting started with an M
 by the looks of things on the teacher desk.

Could this M made from broken pencils
 be a teacher tribute
 representing all the pencils the student broke during  long, tedious hours of homework 
analyzing the themes and complexities of literature? 
 Perhaps the pencils represent the difficult, arduous work of authors whose books the class studies?

Maybe making an M out of broken pencils is all it is about.

Then there was this creativity quote on the classroom wall:

The classroom I visited was at Prince of Peace Christian School
Carrollton, Texas, for appraiser training:

Destination Imagination

a Creative Problem Solving Organization for students K-University

 NExT Region (North Texas)

Instant Challenge being my specialty

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