Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Enjoy Volunteering

I went. I saw. I volunteered.

For the past two weekends I was in volunteer bliss at two of my favorite,
 albeit once a year, creativity related volunteering gigs.

Visual Arts Scholastic Event

3D Artwork Qualifier
Jasper High School
Plano, Texas


Destination Imagination

 Creative Problem Solving Competition
+NExT Region, Instant Challenge Head Appraiser
John Paul II High School
Plano, Texas

Just for You:

My Personal List of

How to Enjoy Volunteering

*inventory your interests: you know you want to!
*be open to opportunities:  you're so needed! learn about ways by reading the newspaper and listening to your friends
*sign up: get in touch with those who need your help
*commit:  decide whether you have the time to give, if so, go for it!
*put it on your calendar: pencil it in and refer to *commit
*get educated about the organization and how you'll help:  go to training if it is provided
*organize what you'll need while volunteering:  simple things can make or break your experience
*be forewarned: it's not about you
*show up:  in fact, show up early; get a good parking space and fresh coffee
*smile: a no-brainer, right?
*take care of yourself
*anticipate pitfalls: bad weather and last minute complications, oy vay
*confusing set up upon arrival:  this happens to me sometimes;
 relax! eventually everything comes together
*learn something useful you can use elsewhere:  I do this all the time by taking pics with my iPhone

*blog about it: or journal a page, embroider a pillow, editorialize in the newspaper or carve a stone to inspire and inform others
*enjoy! it's my word for the year

~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and mixed media artist who has volunteered many, many times and has the T-shirts to prove it.

~This 'Enjoy Volunteering' list from me to you is linked at Mary Walker Designs.

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