Thursday, February 7, 2013

Creative Goals for February

Setting daily goals at work is one of my favorite morning tasks.

 Getting coffee is another.

I love the feeling of accomplishment

when I check off those important tasks that keep my work flow flowing!
Or, interestingly enough, I wonder:

do I set daily goals because if I don't

I might lose sleep over it?
  Losing sleep isn't good for anyone.  Setting goals is good! 

I also make artistic lists for Artsyville's List It Tuesdays.  So fun!

Here at The Stylish Studio blog
I have 3 creative goals for the month:

1.  Valentine's Day Show and Tell

At the library I have a Valentine's Day children's book display with a lighted basket of potpourri. 
A rosy glow in a book corner is cozy! 
 In my daily comings and goings I've captured more Valentine's Day ideas to share with you.

2.  100th Blog Post

Where does the time go? 
 It seems just like yesterday I started this blog about one of my favorite subjects: creativity. 
Why?  Because I could and so can you!
I'll celebrate my 100th blog post this month, having started in August, 2012, in a pursuit of creativity.
Along the way I've had 3 blog name changes, had my computer die on me,
 and spent dozens of delightful hours blogging.

3.  Blog Reader Giveaway 


To celebrate my 100th blogiversary
I'm giving away a prize to those who comment to the giveaway announcement coming up.
What am I giving away?
  I need your input please.
What would a stylish creative person love to win?
Leave a comment to that question now, and I'll get on it right away!
~Cheryl Gee is a school librarian and artist who knows a thing or two about Valentine's Day, anniversaries and winning stuff.  

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